Environmentally Friendly Fashion: Wooden Watches


Wood products and accessories have become increasingly popular in the recent years, especially wooden watches. They have successfully invaded the timepiece market thanks to the many benefits they offer that typical watches made of metal or plastic don’t. What makes them truly unique, however, is that they help people in becoming more in touch with nature. They offer distinct environmental benefits that make them extremely eco-friendly, and in a world where sustainability has become one of the major priorities, wooden watches certainly win over plastic and metal timepieces.


Environmental Impact of Carbon

What many people don’t know is that, wood actually takes carbon out of the earth’s atmosphere and stores it within. This is extremely helpful, as carbon emission is cited as the reason behind climate change. In a natural carbon cycle, plants and trees reabsorb carbon dioxide, and this is also the case with wooden watches. They store excess carbon they receive from the air internally for their entire existence. By wearing them, you are actually helping to remove carbon from the atmosphere.


As previously stated, carbon emission is what’s causing all these bad effects of climate change, so burning less fossil fuel should become a top priority. Manufacturers of wooden products are able to achieve this, as the process of production of wood products is highly energy-efficient, giving wood a low carbon footprint. People who use wooden products are indirectly endorsing sustainable manufacturing practices.


Natural Beauty

It is also important to remember that wood grows naturally, therefore it is renewable. After harvesting wood, more trees can be planted to replace them. Moreover, since wood is biodegradable, it decomposes in the environment over time. This means that when it’s no longer being used, it can just be absorbed right back into the earth. While wooden watches do have other materials in them, it’s still better to have wood as the main source of material due to its advantages over metal and plastic.


Wooden watches are not just amazing because of their environmental benefits, they also look stunningly beautiful.  Wood’s aesthetic appeal is unrivaled by most materials, which is why they remain to be popular even after thousands of years! A bold and stylish fashion statement, wooden watches are sure to catch attention not just from friends and family, but from strangers as well. They’re the newest fashion trend, and they’re only going to get even more popular with the coming years. Tense Watches are especially magnificent, as they’re all high-quality timepieces and are even made from 100% recycled or reclaimed wood. If you are looking for a beautiful timepiece with exceptional quality, then you should check out wooden watches Tense Watches.

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