Five Types of Materials Your Waste Management Services Company Can Haul Away

While you likely already have your regular household or business garbage picked up on a regular basis by your waste management company, you might be unsure of what to do with non-routine waste such as building materials or old carpeting. Local waste management services are also able to handle these types of materials. Waste management services also include the delivery and removal of rental bins. When you are ready to do a clean-out of any residential or commercial property, consider these five types of items that the waste management company can haul away for you.

Old carpeting may contain mold, dust and other allergens. When handling the old carpeting, be sure to wear a face mask to protect against the allergens. Because of its size, weight and bulk, it should not be stuffed into a regular trash receptacle. Carpeting and padding should be put into rental bins so that a waste management service can haul it to a landfill for proper disposal.

Concrete and Asphalt
If you dug up part of an old sidewalk, patio or driveway, you may be left with chunks of concrete or asphalt. These materials are too heavy to put into your garbage can and they cannot be recycled with your regular recycling bins. The pieces of concrete and asphalt can be loaded into rental bins and hauled away by a waste management service.

Building Materials
During a remodeling or renovation project, you may find yourself with piles of odd pieces of drywall that are leftover. You may also have stacks of old boards, cabinets, doors and window frames that you no longer need but cannot sell or reuse. These old building materials can be loaded into a waste bin for disposal. Old insulation, shingles and flooring can also go into the bin, but materials containing asbestos cannot.

Old desks, shelving units and upholstered furniture are difficult to sell or even give away, even if they are in decent condition. If these items are in poor condition, disposal is the only option. Bin rentals are an efficient solution for getting rid of your old office or residential furniture. Any non-recyclable furniture can be put into the bin.

Clothing and Personal Items
If your home was damaged by a fire, flood or even a bed bug infestation, you may find yourself with a lot of clothing and personal items that need safe and efficient disposal. You may also need to dispose of a lot of clothing, papers and personal items if you are cleaning out a relative’s home. Waste management services can provide you with a bin to get rid of these things. For further information, Revolution Resource Recovery has online resources available on their website.

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