Recent Industry Shifts in Canadian Child Care Services


Child care Oakville options for parents in Canada are varied. They range from home daycares, nannies, daycare centres, child preschool programs, to before school and after services. Provincial and Territorial governments in Canada are basically responsible for matters related to child care and because of that, the specific policies on child care can vary across the country.

Among all Canadian provinces, the most unique system is the one being implemented in Quebec. This is the only province that has put in place a universal child daycare program, subsidizing the cost of daycare.Growing Demand for Services

In the recent past, the rising number of working women has helped in driving the demand for industry services. This is because parents who are available to take care of their young ones are becoming fewer. This demand is primarily driven by a surge in the youth population, and secondly by growing employment and personal incomes.

Additionally, government subsidies have been critical in terms of enabling families to meet the day care cost. Currently, subsidies account for almost two-thirds of all day care spending in Canada. Demand is expected to grow further over the coming 5 years as the government expands the subsidies plan. Recent government regulations changes have also given a boost to childcare jobs and the demand for people who are qualified in this field.

Shift to Corporate Child Care

Baby care services being provided by the corporate sector are raising the bar in terms of quality. More companies are now offering or considering in-house baby care centers as a way of retaining and attracting top employees.

Additionally, more companies are now entering into partnerships with care centers to offer services at discounted rates. Some operators have even opened childcare facilities or child entertainment hubs at gyms, shopping malls, and casinos providing hourly care.

Day Care Now Combined With Early Education

Childcare is no longer for young children through just babysitting. Modern care centers have now transitioned into early education centers, where the young tots are being introduced to early learning. This new trend is partly due to high parent expectations and emerging research findings that support early initiation of learning.

Increased Demand for Compliance

Across Canada, the requirements to run a childcare center differ. It is a must to get a permit or license from the concerned province, territory or municipal government. Specific regulations determine the number that one center can have under their care, regulations on how children are to be transported as well as safety and health inspections. The staff may be required to receive first aid training or certain immunizations.


Children in Canada spend a considerable portion of their lives in non-parental child care such as, child care and daycare facilities. To continue providing childcare services of the highest quality, more partnerships between families, health care providers, employers and the Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments are needed. There are online resources available at Wee Watch Licensed Home Child Care, which may provide you with more information.

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