The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Orthotics

Many people suffer from foot problems that can be helped with orthotic insoles or orthotic shoes. In fact, more than 70 percent of people have some sort of foot condition which causes them discomfort or pain when they stand and walk. Plantar fasciitis and over pronation are two of the biggest culprits of foot pain. But flat feet, heel spurs, high foot arches and stress fractures can also cause discomfort in the feet.

Foot pain can keep you from living a normal life. We all need to walk and stand on a daily basis, and it certainly shouldn’t hurt to do these normal things. If you have been experiencing foot pain, orthotics could help.

What are orthotic inserts for the feet?

Orthotic insoles are helpful inserts that you can put into your shoes or sandals to help repair and prevent discomfort when you walk or stand. There are different types of orthotics for different types of pain and discomfort in the feet. It’s important to know what exact problems you have in your feet before you choose orthotics because not all inserts are the same

How to find the right orthotic inserts for your feet

If you would like to try orthotic inserts for your feet, you can go online or to a shoe store or foot doctor to get them. There are two basic types of inserts. First, there are those that you can get online or at a pharmacy or shoe store. These are one-size-fits-all inserts that should work on a number of different people’s feet.

Some shoes can also be purchased with orthotics already inside them. Shoes like Birkenstocks are orthotic in nature. Birkenstock makes orthopedic sandals and shoes for many types of feet.

Next, there are insole inserts and orthotics that you must get prescribed by a doctor or healthcare professional. These inserts cannot simply be purchased without a prescription or referral, and they tend to be much more expensive. With that being said, they may end up lasting a lot longer than regular store-bought orthotic inserts.

Fix your feet

If you have been experiencing pain or discomfort in your feet and ankles when you stand or walk, first take a look at your shoes. Are you wearing comfortable shoes that fit properly? Often, shoe fit and type is the first thing that foot doctors and health practitioners look at when patients complain of foot pain.

If this isn’t the problem, you may need inserts for your feet. Getting arch cushions, gel insoles, orthotic arch supports, cushion insoles or athletic sports soles may help you. Talk to your doctor about whether or not one of these helpful orthotics products may help you to have more comfortable feet. For more information, additional resources can be found at Foot Sensation.

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