The Mixed Reputation of Trash compactors among Canadians

Today, more households and businesses in Canada are working to lower the amount of pollution and waste that they generate. In other words, they are looking for ways to implement greener waste management programs. One of the top waste management methods that are now widely accepted in Canada is the use of trash compactors.

Trash compactors have found huge acceptance in the recent past owing to the averseness of the Canadians to pay for waste management by private contractors. A wide range of trash compactor models have been developed with advanced cleanliness and odor removal capabilities.

But is trash compactors a worthwhile investment?

Variety of features

Today’s trash compaction equipment are coated with special antimicrobials to prevent the growth of odor-producing bacteria, and can therefore help you reduce the risks of exposure to potential health hazards. Some models are also equipped with extra features such as safety locks to ensure safety and curb accidental operations. Solar powered trash compactors are also fitted with a number of solutions to help the user lower waste collection frequency, lwaste collection and fuel use costs, and ensure greener and cleaner environment.

More eco-friendly

Compacted waste solutions implies that you will need less trips to the landfill, which in turn lower transportation costs and the carbon emissions that may result from such trips. Additionally, waste management and recycling companies that use trash compacting equipment and promote related waste management methods can significantly improve their reputation among consumers as more people favor green lifestyles.

Might not cater for all types of trash

Not all forms of trash can be placed in a trash compactor—glass, bottles, and jars can cause damages to most compactors and are often avoided. This calls for additional or alternative waste disposal solutions. Nonetheless, there are compactors that include receptacles for collecting glass, bottles, and other recyclables.

Incompatible with regular trash Bags

Regular trash bags are not recommended for trash compactors because the bags are not designed to withstand extreme pressures that are used to compress trash in most compactors. Special trash bags are, therefore, recommended which means you will be required to purchase specific size that matches your compactor model.

In a nutshell, like other waste management methods, trash compactors have mixed reputations. So what will determine whether or not to invest in this type of waste management is basically your lifestyle and preferences. If you are environmentally conscious, if you prefer not to make endless trips to landfills, or if you want to lower the amount of trash bags that you use in your home or business premise, then going for a trash compactor or partnering with a waste management company that favor waste compacting technology is a worthwhile investment. You can find more info at the Rotoble Compaction website.

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