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Regal Fixie Bikes

A recent study released by Statistics Canada reported that fewer than 20 percent of Canadians get the amount of exercise they need to live the highest possible quality of life. It’s easy to understand why. Schedules are busier than ever, and it can seem difficult to squeeze in time to get the exercise we need. However, oftentimes we are lying to ourselves. Let’s face it. Workouts can be painful, and there are likely other things you’d rather be doing with your time. However, there’s a great way to burn calories while having a good time with Fixie bikes.

Creativity Encouraged

Fixie is short for “fixed gear,” and it’s designed with one gear fixed to the rear wheel that prevents the rider from coasting. Since continual pedaling is required, you can best ensure a proper workout during your time biking around the city. As you do this, you can portray a unique style as riders commonly paint and decorate their bikes to display their personal style for the world to see.

Aside from getting an enjoyable workout in during the day, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to meet others with a passion for this style of biking. In fact, social media sites such as Facebook have platforms dedicated just for Fixies. Here, you can interact with others, share ideas and photographs, and get the latest information regarding how to increase the quality and appeal of your bike.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to getting more exercise, another one of those things we want to do more of but often don’t is reduce our carbon footprints. When you choose to use your Fixie as opposed to your car the next time you go to the store or run across town to run a quick errand, you can eliminate your contribution to the harmful exhaust fumes that are not only causing a variety of illness but also effecting the environment in a negative way. Many cities are implementing bike lanes to accommodate those choosing this more responsible transportation option.

Making Your Fixie Your Own

There are numerous ways in which you can let your personality truly shine through your Fixie. Just a few include:

Color matched rims and hubcaps
Leather saddles
Quill stems
Motorcycle grips
Flat bars
Disc wheels
Personalized stickers

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